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Woodwife have been making various different noises with various different line-ups in Glasgow bars and venues since 2013, usually involving dynamic female led vocals over dreamy yet distorted echo drenched guitars and thunderous drums.


In 2018, after a short break spent manufacturing angst filled totems out of coat hangers and paint, the band downsized and reassembled as a three-piece, featuring the core members throughout that period: Freya, Doug and perpetual third wheel, Greg.


Quickly discovering they no longer owned the optimal number of limbs to play half of the old back-catalogue Woodwife hit the laboratory and are back with all new tunes, new instruments and a new gothic pop outlook (same old hair though).


In 2015, Ticketmaster declared Woodwifes set "one of the 13 finest moments at Wickerman Festival", elaborating with "Atmospheric folkies Woodwife ably close out Friday’s Ingrid Pitt stage with their “baroque beats and gnarled guitars” weaving in amongst warm traditional texture and an earthy sense of performance. All autumnal dreadlocks and wintry mournfulness, their sound fits well with the far-past-midnight setting. "

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